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Case study

Deezer shines with its creative, data-driven, and multi-targeted acquisition campaign.


Launch: mars 2019


1 copywriter
2 project directors
1 creative director
3 artistic directors
1 producer
1 motion designer
1 film crew (cinematographer, camera assistant, sound engineer, groomer, 3 production assistants).

The French flagship and leader in music streaming is operating in a highly competitive market, where it plays against its Swedish and American counterparts. It is therefore with a crucial acquisition issue that Deezer turned to Fabernovel to deploy a digital campaign that highlights its various offers to its targets: from adolescents to adults, from families to students.


original videos created


static assets and gifs (visuals for social networks, animated and static banners)


adapted videos

The concept : "Effect Deezer"

If the offers of different competitors on the market are similar, the brand Deezer owns real strengths: the aura of the pioneer, the positive image of a French company, and that of a platform close to the artists, who supports them, and encourages their creation. The challenge was to imagine a creative concept that capitalizes on all of these strengths, while putting the user in the center, and applying it to different offers and consumer profiles.

The concept "EFFECT DEEZER" developed by FABERNOVEL meets these requirements: in the few tens of seconds where our brain recognizes a track that we love, everybody will be able to recognize in these short videos their personal moments when everything changes. It is this surge of emotions, the excitement that is somewhat singular and universal that makes music what it is. And all this was accentuated through an animated motion design video game. The artistic creation and the writing of the assets were enriched by the results of an ABC-test carried out before the campaign. This test made it possible to refine each format before its launch.

An insider look

Barbara Tritsch

Creative strategist & Head of production

What did this project bring to your profession?

In such a competitive market, where the actors in the field occupy already such a media space, simply repeating a message won’t generate subscription nor differentiation.

This project allowed me to measure the increased importance on such binding assets (very short videos, gifs, still images, etc.), to start from a simple insight and translate it into a creative concept that is strong and prompt. The stronger the insight, the more direct the concept will be, and the more it will be possible to transform the ambition into reality. We can then go further, from piling our ambitions on the graphic work, to refining progressively the whole project.

In addition, it also allowed me to estimate the compatibility of data with the creation: not only was data the driver for the creative concept, but it also allows us to refine the messages and to adapt the assets so that they are relevant to each target.

What is the state of the art in this field?

Most acquisition campaigns are very direct and functional. To prompt the consumer to take action (buy or register for example), the weight is often put on the repetition of a message or a strong CTA, in the sacrifice of the creative aspect. In the end, there is sometimes a real creative impoverishment and a lack in differentiation. This is even more risky in markets where commercial offers are very similar to each other. Deezer trusted us to work on a strong creative concept, to adapt nearly 200 assets, with the ambition to integrate the DNA of their brand in a campaign that had to be effective above all.

What are the reasons for satisfaction?

The project was extremely ambitious: very short deadlines, development from design, production, to the selection of the right partner... and above all, constrained by the formats defined in advance. A real challenge that pushed us to surpass ourselves both in the creative and operational aspects of the campaign.